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India has roughly 700,000 transgender people. Sexuality is an issue that has made social partitions. Sexual minorities have been abused in our general public on the ground of them being a freak. Their reality has been recorded as unnatural. In this way, the issues identified with the privileges of sexes, their medical issues and furthermore don't discover a place in the top plans of the administrations and human rights developments. Trans individuals overall experience significant wellbeing differences and hindrances to suitable medicinal services benefits that prevent them from accomplishing the most noteworthy conceivable wellbeing status. Among different inconsistencies, Trans individuals are fundamentally more probable than the all-inclusive community to be focused for brutality and provocation, to contract HIV, and to be in danger for emotional wellness concerns, for example, gloom and endeavoured suicide. Obstructions to social insurance experienced by trans networks incorporate biased treatment by human services suppliers, an absence of suppliers who are prepared to offer suitable medicinal services to trans individuals, and refusal by numerous national wellbeing frameworks and medical coverage projects to cover administrations for trans individuals. This article is fixated on transgender wellbeing and their privileges in India and furthermore their current circumstance in India.

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